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HTY Gold’s Benefits

HTY Gold's patented all-natural creamed formulation of palm oil, lipids, and rejuvenating nutrients replenish, nourish, and protect your face and entire body all day and all night.

  • Prevents the onset of dry, wrinkled, crepe paper skin
  • No man-made chemicals, preservatives, parabens or emulsifiers
  • Restores the precious oils your body has lost over time
  • Alleviates the dry, crepe paper areas of your face and body
  • Provides powerful antioxidant protection
  • Is quickly and deeply absorbed into your skin, rejuvenating skin cells
  • Replenishes cracked, thin, aging skin
  • Fortifies firmness and elasticity
  • Returns a moist, youthful, radiant glow
  • Provides for smooth makeup application
  • Dermatologist tested and approved

I tried HTY GOLD cream on my right arm only. A week later, there was a big difference...HTY GOLD really works! The crepey skin on my arms has virtually disappeared... I’d like enough cream to fill my hot tub so I can immerse my entire body in this miracle product.”
Judy, 64, from Atherton, CA.

HTY Gold natural creamed oil is one of the richest sources of antioxidants and tocotrienols in the world. The multiple antioxidants and nutrients in HTY Gold patented formula, protect your skin against UV-induced oxidative stress, skin damage and aging. They protect your skin cells against the effects of free radicals, which are potentially damaging by-products of your bodies metabolism that cause cellular damage. All the benefits of HTY Gold creams are yours for the taking.